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—  ABoUt  —


I’m the girl you confide in over mozzarella sticks and sparkling wine about how you have a secret crush on your boss or that you’re not sure you still want to be a lawyer or maybe about the time you went on that study abroad program in Paris and you ran off for a week with a young Frenchman named Giles and wrote poetry and discovered your inner Amélie. You tell me these things because you know I’ll cheer you on when you decide to follow your heart and be a safe place to land if it all falls apart.

And maybe (if you’re lucky!) I’ll share some of my stories too, about the lanky archaeologist from Manhattan and the handsome British soldier; and the time I went on a romantic holiday in the Scottish Highlands with a boy I was in love with who didn’t love me back...and it was still perfect after all.

And then we’ll finish our wine and put on our coats and leave the pub, and I’ll see you at work tomorrow, all business with meetings scheduled and planners and pencils at the ready. And to everyone else it will just be another day at the office. But we’ll remember our evening of dreaming and sharing and stories and words and romance and remembering...and we’ll smile.

Bridget Randolph as the hopeful romantic